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LVW’s Annual Student Poetry Contest is open to all students in grades 4-12 throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. The contest will be celebrating its 33rd anniversary. In each of nine categories, first prize earns $25, second prize $20, and third prize $15.

For the best of the best in each grade group, the Naccarato Award (sponsored by longtime LVW member Michele Jones), each of the three winners will receive $30. This means there are 30 cash prizes—and no entry fees. 

Please note that we now require submissions via email.

Feel free to forward the rules and entry form to any students, parents, or teachers you know. Homeschoolers are welcome. The deadline is March 11.

If you're a student in grades 4-12 and like to write, try writing a poem every month of the year. Then pick the one you like best to revise and submit.

To jumpstart your creativity, here are a few prompts. Write a poem about

  • Any strong emotion 

  • A place you either love or hate

  • Your favorite athlete or sport

  • A pet or wild animal

Help us celebrate the next generation of creativity in our region by supporting these talented young people. If you are a teacher or you know any teachers, please tell them about this contest to give more students the opportunity to experience the joy of creating and winning prizes with their poems.

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