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About Judith Gallagher

I live on a mountaintop in western Pennsylvania, where I write fantasy, SF, and mystery fiction. I grew up in Latrobe, PA, literally in Mr. Rogers's neighborhood. I majored in journalism at Michigan State University and worked in Chicago publishing for thirteen years, but the siren song of the mountains brought me back to the Laurel Highlands to build a house on land that has been in my family for almost 200 years. Into the Rainbow is the first book in my young adult fantasy series Tales from Tir na nOg. Book 2, Brigid's Cauldron, is available now.

A lifelong dream. A life-threatening quest. A magical ride. Fifteen-year-old Colleen Blackburn finds a door into Tir na nOg, the Celtic land of eternal youth. She and her reluctant sidekick, Jeffrey must save not only themselves but the faerie inhabitants from a sorcerer who wants to steal the faeries' immortality. Only the humans can save the faeries and find their way home--if they can stay alive long enough.

Colleen coaxes Jeffrey back to Tír na nÓg because he's been sick since they came home. Some fferylits are sick too. The human teens must take Brigid's Cauldron of Healing to Prince Elihorn. When the Cauldron is stolen by a suicide cult, Colleen and Jeffrey must track it down and recharge its magic to save many lives, including one of their own.

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