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About Linda Ciletti

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I now live in the suburbs with a clowder of cats. I began my writing career penning medieval and time travel romances. Then one day I found one lying on the roadside during my walk following a rain. I picked it up, took it home, dried it, and read its crinkled pages. That's when I decided to write my own. But I didn't know how to write it!

So I  joined a couple of writer groups, got some wonderful mentors, and I was on my way. My first novel will probably never see the light of day, but my second book, a medieval time travel, is out for the masses as is my 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and soon 8th. Check out my romantic fantasy series--also my medieval and time travel romances.  

Faerie Dust
One does not act against Faerie's tyrannical queen however insane she may be. To do so is treason--and treason comes with a price. Is it a price he is willing to pay? 
Alasdair did
not need to ponder the question long. In his heart, he knows that he must save the human child. But first he must cross over to the human world and retrieve the changeling set in her place.

When Leisa discovers that her baby daughter did not die five years past but  still lives in a place she thought to be only myth, nothing or no one can stop her from following Alasdair back to Faerie to save her. But the path to finding her child is wrought with danger. And Faerie's
Queen is hell bent on stopping them.


Faerie Knights

Having lost her mother and husband in the battle to save Alasdair, Edeline is not yet ready to take the crown. But she has no choice. Faerie needs a queen and she is next in line. What she truly wants is to abdicate the throne and run away with Lysander. But Edom, King of Willow Wood, plots to take over the kingdom. She cannot desert her people in such a troubling time.

A mere soldier of the Queen's guard, Lysander is unworthy of royal blood, but he loves Edeline all the same. Despite the hollow ache in his heart, though he longs for more, he vows to guard, protect, and be there for her for as long as she needs him.

Hearts of Faerie Romantic Fantasy Series

Faerie Dreams
The moment Fayre arrives in Faerie to fulfill her role of proxy queen, Gideon knows she is destined to be his forever mate. He also knows her father would slay him first. What he should do is put that attraction aside and concentrate on leading the imprisoned fae out of Sanctuary. But only Fayre can find the door to the hidden realm. Only she can lead the people out before all magic fails and the dark fae attack.

Fayre has always felt an oddity within herself, and her dreams only confirm that. A dark-haired stranger with violet eyes appears in her dreams and calls her to Faerie--a man she cannot help but be attracted to. She soon discovers the truth of him and the truth of a lineage she knew nothing about.

Faerie Treasures (new release)

Gareth is intrigued with Chrysalis. She is full of energy and light. Definitely a sky spirit. So very different from his own grounded earth spirit. But she lost her wings while imprisoned in Sanctuary. If he can, he will do all in his power to help her gain back her flight.
Chrysalis sees only one flaw in Gareth, and that is that, except for hair and eye color, he looks identical to his brother, Gideon.  And her relationship with Gideon hadn't worked out so well. But she soon discovers that Gareth is nothing like his more controlling brother. He's kind, thoughtful and patient. Just what she needs to complement her sky spirit. But he's very slow in making a move. She wonders if he has no interest in her.
Perusing a book of magic and myths, Gareth and Chrysalis discover a mythical island that houses a tree with golden apples that brings back that which is lost. Maybe it could bring back her wings. Soon Gareth, Chrysalis, and a small crew of old friends embark on a journey across the Amethyst Sea to find these magical apples. But the sea is not always friendly, and the island has a secret of its own.

Mediaeval Hearts Series

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