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Phantom Detectives at Risk: A Sleuths and Serpents Mystery Collection is the fourth anthology of short stories created by the Greensburg Writers' Group, an offshoot of Ligonier Valley Writers. It features seasoned Detective Brendan Manelli, who is aided in his search for justice and solved cases by the Sleuths and Serpents Writing Group, an eclectic band of authors who meet behind an arterial-red door in the archives room of a fictional town library.

To quote Detective Manelli: “After about six months and a dozen cold cases cleared, they let me in on their secret. Therein lies the rub. If I share the secret with anybody, they'll be coming to take me away, ha-ha. That's not even the worst part. Now I have a rep for solving the really hard cases. So guess what kinds of cases I get?​  Right."

How do the Sleuths and Serpents solve the unsolvable? It's simple: They don't. They all have ghostly phantasms to help them. These entities are the fictional creations of writers who came before them.

Each writer from the Sleuths and Serpents is inspired by a different paranormal sidekick who abets them in their quest for solutions, although somehow there is still a lot of legwork involved. Come solve crimes with Manelli and the motley band of sleuths.

GWG members are as strange as the members of the Sleuths and Serpents featured in the book. Many of them also belong to Ligonier Valley Writers. We thank them for their generosity of time and talent in creating this collection and donating the use of their stories.

Book 4 is available on Amazon.

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Books in the Phantom Detective Series
Book 1: The Phantom Detectives
Book 2: The Phantom Detectives Take a Holiday
Book 3: Phantom Detectives on Vacation
Book 4: Phantom Detectives at Risk

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Table of Contents

"Genealogical Mysteries" by Judith Sturges
"God of Nightmares" by Dan Ekis
"Secret Gold" by Mary Ann Mogus
"Body Blaze" by Gretchen Landis
"Death by Drone" by Barbara Miller
"Mount Vernon (aka Fathers and Dads)" by Marge Burke
"All Tied Up" by Stacy DiPasquale
"Luigi Rides the Ranger" by Thomas Beck
"A Dependable Friend" by Judith Gallagher
"Trail Trials" by Ronald J. Shafer
"Cat-astrophic" by Linda Ciletti.

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