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About Dana Thomas Weber

Dana weaves decades of east coast, deep south, and international travel into playful storytelling tinged with bigger ideas and the often-inexplicable ways of the universe. Countless backroads, waterways, small towns, big cities, odd occurrences, and curious characters have wandered into her fictional and first-hand accounts published by outlets such as: Florida (An Anthology), Trail Towns, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and various travel and tourism publications.

As an elementary teacher, she transforms young writers into young authors through her youth writing intensive program where student work is published in the annual anthology, In a Flash.

You can connect with her via Facebook (Dana Thomas Weber) for weekly book recommendations and Goodreads (Dana Thomas Weber),

Is the simple life so simple? Lacey Williams is a driven and disciplined Annapolis real estate agent who has tirelessly created a successful life from scratch. It is, however, a life she has become disenchanted with. Yearning for a simpler way of life, she follows her heart and less practical intuitions for the first time in order to seek out her version of a more fulfilling life. There is no turning back once she sells her house, quits her job and moves to a rustic cabin in upstate New York. Eerie nights spent alone in the mountains, modest living quarters, harsh winters and regular sightings of an apparition in the woods become the least of her concerns when a river guide with a past crosses her path. Things are not always what they seem, though, and her strength and independent spirit fosters a new drive. Lacey Williams is more determined than ever to discover her true self while carving out the life she was meant to live.

Faith LeBlanc resembles a modern Alice In Wonderland when she follows a thief from her New Orleans home. If Faith is a jaded Alice, then the thief is a dysfunctional Robin Hood and upon shadowing him under the cover of live oaks, she trips down a rabbit hole of mystery, voodoo, and boats. Suddenly, no one is who they seem. As this Louisiana senator’s daughter battles emotional scars delivered by a mother missing from her childhood and a father more interested in power and polls than family, her journey bestows distance from anxieties while leading to new perspectives and redemption from manipulations. When seeds of love, even from unlikely sources, are planted in barren fields, strength blooms.

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