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Flash Fiction 2015

2015 Flash Fiction Contest


Can you use $50, $25, or $15 extra cash in your pocket?

Of course you can!

Write a scary (or not so scary) story for moolah, cash, coin of the realm!

Ligonier Valley Writers wants wordsmiths and scribes to enthrall us with short short stories for its annual Flash Fiction Contest.

Ed Kelemen, contest chair set the deadline for the contest at the stroke of midnight on August 15, 2015 when the last grain of the hourglass trickles away.  You've got more than 2 months to craft your prize-winning story.  So, dip your quill in blood and get started.

The Ligonier Valley Writers, knowing the lack of cash in most writers' wallets, is pleased to announce that there will be NO ENTRY FEE for this contest.

OK, here are the details:

This year's topic is IT. As in:

IT slinks under rocks,

IT lurks under a chair,

IT hides inside socks,

IT gives us a scare

IT thumps, IT bumps,

IT wears lousy wigs.

IT pumps, IT thumps,

IT eats like a pig.

IT's big, IT's small

IT's at the end of the Hall

IT's quiet, IT's loud,

IT'll provide you a shroud.

What is IT?   I dunno - IT lives in YOUR imagination.

In 1,000 words or less tell us about IT without giving it any name other than IT.

Flash fiction means that the story must be less than 1,000 words long.  And please, no poetry.  You can see from my meager attempt at the art that I am incapable of writing it, so why would you think I can judge it?

Let's save a few trees and submit electronically.   Please place your story in the body of an email and send it to Ed Kelemen at ed.kel@verizon.net.  Do not send it as an attachment.  Attachments will not be opened.  The subject line of your entry must read “Flash Fiction Entry.”   Otherwise, IT will be sent to the trash folder unopened.

Include a short bio, no more than 150 words, with your story.

Include the following statement with your entry:

I, (Your Name) , hereby give the Ligonier Valley Writers the right to read my story titled, “___________________________”, at various venues during the Halloween season of 2015, and a one-time right to publish the story on line at www.lvwonline.org.  The rights revert to me six months after the story is published.”  Include your name, address and contact information.

Winning entries will be read at various places during the Halloween Season of 2015. Winning writers will be invited to read their stories at those locations.

Winning entries will also be published on the Ligonier Valley Writers website.

Now, for the part you've been waiting for.

Prizes will be awarded as follow:

First Prize - $50

Second Prize - $25

Third Prize - $15

There will also be Three Honorable Mentions.

All winning entries, including honorable mentions will also receive a one-year complimentary membership in the Ligonier Valley Writers.

Flash Fiction 2014 Winners


Ligonier Valley Writers Announces Winners of Ninth Annual Flash Fiction Contest

Once again, the Ligonier Valley Writers' Flash Fiction Contest was infused with international flavor.  We received entries from as far away as France — not to mention entries from coast to coast of the United States and from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

An overwhelming majority of the entries were from writers who have participated in previous Flash Fiction Contests, including half of the winning entries.  In fact, for the first time, we have a repeat first-prize winner.

Competition was intense, and the judging was difficult because we received so many well-written entries with such diverse takes on the subjects of cats, bats, and rats.  The judges have judged, the points have been totaled, and now we are pleased to announce the winners!

FIRST PLACE: "'Ratical' Image Makeover," by Jim Busch of White Oak, PA
SECOND PLACE: "The Bat," by Ron Murphy of Indiana, PA
THIRD PLACE: "Mrs. Welford's Candy," by Ceil Kessler of Greensburg, PA

"Something Old, Something New," by Jan Kinney of Altoona, PA
"Lizzie's Blue Ribbon Borscht" by Georgia A. Hubley of Henderson, NV
"Pink Revenge," by Candace Kubinec of Greensburg, PA

Flash Fiction 2012 Winners


     This year brought another international group of contestants to Ligonier Valley Writers’ annual Flash Fiction Contest.  Entries came from all over the United States, including California, Alaska, New York, Florida, New York, and of course Pennsylvania.  Entries also arrived from Canada, Indonesia, France, and Romania.
     The entrants ranged in age from eight-year-olds to a great-grandmother in her eighties.  Entries started arriving the day after the contest was announced.  The last entry was received at 11:50 p.m. on August 14, with a full ten minutes to spare before the midnight deadline.  The judging was difficult because we received so many well-written entries with such diverse takes on the subject of dragons.
     One-third of the entrants were repeaters.  That is, they were writers who have partaken in LVW's prior Flash Fiction Contests.  Of the winning writers, two-thirds were repeaters.  Some had entered four or five previous LVW Flash Fiction Contests, proving that old but not worn-out cliché: Winners never quit.
First Place: “Best Wings in the Burgh” by Jim Busch
Second Place: “Home Alert Dragons” by John A. Frochio
Third Place: “Gift of the Magi(cian)” by Kirk Baker

“Connor's Dragon” by R. F. Marazas
“The Dragon Coin” by Barbara Purbaugh
“Feeding Time” by Chris Sandusky

     The winning stories will be read at Red Barn Books starting at 1:00 on Saturday, October 13, 2012.  The bookstore is at 203 Old Route 30 in Greensburg, PA 15601.  Complete directions to the store are at www.redbarnbooks.com.  Authors who can attend are invited to read their stories to the audience.
     After the readings, two free mini-workshops will be held: “How to Lose a Writing Contest” (taught by Ed Kelemen, organizer of the Flash Fiction Contest), and “How Not to Get Published” (taught by Mary Ann Mogus).  Both authors will also be signing their books: The Haunted Foothills; Shadow Hands; and The Lethe Gene.
     The event is free and open to the public. Food and prizes will be provided.

Flash Fiction 2012 Winners

Flash Fiction 2011 Winners


The judging for this year's Flash Fiction Contest was challenging due to the sheer number of entries. Short-short stories were received from all over the United States and as far away as India. First prize earned $50, second prize $25, and third prize $15. Additionally, three stories were awarded honorable mentions. Those authors will each receive $10 gift certificates donated by Red Barn Books.

First Place: “A Venomous Plan” by Ciel Kessler of Greensburg, PA

Second Place: “Buried Treasure” by Naomi Bergner of Cocoa, FL

Third Place: “Bullet 25” by Bill Kemp of Penn Hills, PA

Honorable Mentions:

"Grave Robbers” by Chris Sandusky of North Olmsted, OH

Old Legends Never Die” by Mary Ann Back of Mason, OH

Missing and Presumed Dead” by Barbara Purbaugh of Somerset, PA

For more information about the Flash Fiction Contest and readings, contact Ed Kelemen at (724) 235-9399 or ed.kel@verizon.net. This year, in honor of LVW’s 25th anniversary, each story had to be set in a cemetery or other burial place and each had to include the words twenty-five, anniversary, and silver somewhere in the story.

If you have suggestions for the theme of next year's contest, drop Ed a line. Previous themes have included ghosts, vampires, and zombies.

Flash Fiction 2010 Winners


From: "Edward Kelemen" <ed

Ligonier Valley Writers' Flash Fiction Contest 2010

Winners Are Announced

First Place: "Witch Is Best" by April Serock of Masontown, PA.

Second Place: "Snap" by Ronald Murphy of Indiana, PA

Third Place: "Duplicity" by Colleen Reynolds of Trafford, PA

First Honorable Mention: "New Neighbors" by Joe F. Stierheim of Ligonier, PA

Second Honorable Mention: "Twisted Trail" by Alicia Stankay of Ambridge, PA

Third Honorable Mention: "Leatherleaf" by Marcia A. Sherman of Sewell, NJ

This year's Halloween-themed topic was Witches, Warlocks, and Wizards. The contest included dozens of entries from all of the United States and Europe. The first-place winner receives a cash prize of $50, second place $25, and third place $15. All winners also receive a complimentary one-year membership in the Ligonier Valley Writers. In addition, all winning entries will be published at www.LVWonline.org.

"Even though the judging was done using a triple-blind system, five of the six winners were from western Pennsylvania this year. I guess it says something about the quality of writers we have around here," said Ed Kelemen, the contest organizer. "Congratulations to all the winners!"